Radically Simplify Cloud Operations

Build, enforce, and terminate your cloud workloads at scale, continuously and automatically.

Achieving the True Value of the Cloud by Intellyx

Use declarative abstractions to configure your infrastructure in clean, easy code and solve complex cloud challenges.


Cloud Infrastructure Orchestration & Enforcement for the Digital Enterprise

  • Reduce Deployment Friction

    Streamline the creation and termination of development, test, and production environments.

  • Automate the Cloud Lifecycle

    Assert declarative control over cloud ops management and maintenance.

  • Monitor and Mitigate Risk

    Automate enforcement of corporate governance, compliance policies, and change controls.

Cloud Ops at Scale

The Foundation Layer for Your Cloud Ecosystem

Manage your Amazon Web Services infrastructure at the API layer across compute, data storage, and network. Leverage pre-built AWS best practices to migrate new workloads or optimize the management of existing workloads with efficiency and speed. Easy to adopt and use, Fugue operates within your AWS account and works with your existing applications, toolchains, and workflows.

What Fugue does

Policy Enforcement

Control at the Speed of DevOps

Validate your infrastructure-as-code and policy-as-code in design time, and enforce cloud operations, compliance, and corporate governance in the runtime. Declare the cloud you need. Fugue makes it so and makes sure it remains so.

Fugue composition examples

Fugue Compositions

Declare cloud infrastructure using human-readable compositions and a modular library system for efficient collaboration and pattern reusability. Fugue features design-time validation and compliance checks to guard against misconfigured deployments.

Fugue Conductor

Automate the deployment and operations of cloud infrastructure and enforce configurations using the Fugue Conductor. The Conductor runs in your cloud account and operates against cloud APIs to ensure what’s running is always what you’ve declared.

Hot off the Press

From The Pragmatic Bookshelf: Scalable Cloud Ops with Fugue

We teamed up with The Pragmatic Bookshelf to bring you a deep dive into Fugue. Use the book's hands-on tutorials to build, operate, and enforce an evolving application's infrastructure—ultimately running fourteen cloud services—in a model that affords low-latency global scaling. You'll understand, in depth, the interactions between Ludwig code, the CLI, the Conductor, and Vars, Fugue's distributed variable and service discovery tool. Visit Pragmatic's companion website to read excerpts, access the online forum, buy the eBook, and download code files as you work along with book examples.

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