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Build, enforce, replicate, and terminate your cloud workloads at scale, continuously and automatically.

Enterprise Cloud Control

Cloud Orchestration & Enforcement for the Digital Enterprise

  • Control Your Cloud

    Centrally manage multiple, dynamic cloud environments that span numerous AWS accounts.

  • Deliver the Right Resources Fast

    Provide timely access to consistent, reliable cloud environments for internal teams or external customers.

  • Facilitate Secure Collaboration

    Regulate the creation and modification of cloud resources with role-based access controls and policy-as-code.

Cloud Ops at Scale

The Foundation Layer for Your Cloud Ecosystem

Manage multiple Amazon Web Services infrastructure environments at the API layer across compute, data, storage, and network. Leverage pre-built AWS best practices and standardize configuration policies to optimize the management of AWS workloads for consistency and reliability. Easy to adopt and use, Fugue operates within your AWS account and works with your existing applications, toolchains, and workflows.

What Fugue does

Policy Enforcement

Control at the Speed of Dev Ops

Validate your infrastructure-as-code and policy-as-code at design time, and continuously enforce cloud infrastructure configurations at runtime. Declare the cloud you need. Fugue makes it so and makes sure it remains so.

Fugue CLI
$ fugue status

Fugue Status Report for user/123456789012 - Wed Apr 26 9:13pm

State    Updated    Created    Account                   FID                                   Alias              Last Message
-------  ---------  ---------  ------------------------  ------------------------------------  -----------------  --------------
Running  9:38am     9:38am     analytics-1234567890124   13deb265-bbc6-4366-8255-a39d07e32de8  analytics-staging  SUCCESS
Running  1:46pm     1:29pm     analytics-1234567890124   948599be-8188-4476-b12b-c6117d023a83  analytics          SUCCESS
Running  12:42pm    12:42pm    production-1234567890125  10be0e2c-5e88-4a10-8722-d7db97932261  mobile-api-prod    SUCCESS
Running  12:42pm    12:42pm    production-1234567890125  563c68e7-418c-4214-9b73-051c81a3eea9  web-app-prod       SUCCESS

$ fugue account list

Fugue Managed Accounts for user/123456789012 - Wed Apr 26 9:13pm

Name             Account Id                Provider    Provider Id    Credential
---------------  ------------------------  ----------  -------------  -----------------------------------------------------------
analytics        analytics-1234567890124   aws         123456789013   arn:aws:iam::123456789013:role/fugueCross
fugue (default)  fugue-1234567890123       aws         123456789012   arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/fugue-FugueIam-1F70MYTS9QNUN
production       production-1234567890125  aws         123456789014   arn:aws:iam::123456789014:role/fugueMulti

Automate the deployment and operations of cloud infrastructure and enforce configurations using the Fugue Conductor. The Conductor runs in your cloud account and operates against cloud APIs to ensure what’s running is always what you’ve declared.

Fugue Compositions

import Fugue.System.Policy as .

# Add your default account ID below. You can find
# this ID by executing `fugue account list`.
default: Account(accountId: "fugue-1234567890123")
analytics: Account(accountId: "analytics-1234567890124")

alice: User {userId: "alice"}

aliceLimitedAccessDefault: accountRules {
          principals: [alice],
          accounts: [default],

hector: User {userId: "hector"}

hectorLimitedAccessDefault: accountRules {
          principals: [hector],
          accounts: [default],

sam: User {userId: "sam"}

samLimitedAccessDefault: accountRules {
          principals: [sam],
          accounts: [analytics],

Declare cloud infrastructure using human-readable compositions and a modular library system for efficient collaboration and pattern reusability. Fugue features design-time validation and compliance checks to guard against misconfigured deployments.

From the Pragmatic Bookshelf

Scalable Cloud Ops with Fugue

The folks at Fugue have teamed up with the Pragmatic Bookshelf to bring you a deep dive into our product.

Use the book's hands-on tutorials to build, operate, and enforce an evolving application's infrastructure—ultimately running fourteen cloud services—in a model that affords low-latency global scaling. You'll understand, in depth, the interactions between Ludwig code, the CLI, the Conductor, and Vars, Fugue's distributed variable and service discovery tool.

Visit Pragmatic's companion website to read excerpts, access the online forum, buy the eBook, and download code files as you work along with book examples.

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